A little something about Copper Daisy Boutique.....

The first thing that comes to mind to share is how we came up with the name, Copper Daisy Boutique. It is named after two of my dogs, Copper and Daisy. Copper is a funny looking guy with short legs, a very round body, and a fat tail that never stops wagging. Daisy was my black lab rescue who passed away March the fourth of 2019. She loved her Mom, but didn’t think much of her other fur siblings, all five of them.

Copper Daisy is a boutique that I started with the intent to provide professional women with comfortable clothing that is effortlessly stylish and chic. Our goal is to carry clothing and accessories that in some way give back and make a difference. We carry brands like Headbands of Hope, Aasha Jewelry, and Bee Attitudes because they have a story to tell and they help those in need. In addition to carrying these brands, we support local animal rescues in various ways. Every Tuesday we donate 5% of our sales to a different rescue. We also host doggy adoption days at least once a month. 

So, in addition to offering chic and comfortable clothing, our mission is to give back. Please take a minute to read about some of these products. We are also constantly looking for other lines of clothing and accessories to add to our boutique. If you know of any you would like to recommend, please feel free to email me at thecopperdaisyboutique@gmail.com.


Jenifer Brown

Boutique owner and doggy mom